What Happened?


What Happened?


I used to have problems like: run-off; capping; poor aeration; poor infiltration; erosion; low organic carbon; low microbial and earthworm activity; high fuel bills; high maintenance, labour and machinery costs; time pressure; dirty dams; dust storms and the like. Must I carry on?

What happened?

After two consecutive years of entering the KZN 10-ton maize club competition, I realized that there was something wrong as the maize following wheat, (stubble mulch tilling) yielded 2 tons more than the neatly worked 10 ton entry.

Drastic measures were needed and I converted to No-Till 100% and have never looked back.

Now I have the opposite of the above (opening paragraph) and instead of spending millions on “kilowatts”, I can afford to buy descent tractors, planters and sprayers.

That’s what happened.

As a believer, I am confident that this is the closest method of crop farming to what God intended at creation.


Egon Zunckel